Nature Class is a type of Mystical Fruit. It is characterized by giving its user the ability to turn into a natural element or force of nature. Nature Class Fruits are considered the most powerful of the three groups, as well as the rarest of the three types of Devil Fruit as a whole.

Nature Mystical Devil Fruits allow a person to become a natural element, either in whole or in part. They are neither completely human nor element in their default state. They can also generate limitless quantities of their element, which can then be controlled as they please. They also have the ability to use properties of the element they can become, they also share the capability to convert other elements into their element under the suitable conditions.


Becaus eNature users can turn their entire body into their element, they are virtually immune to physical harm by conventional means. Any attack will simply pass through or be absorbed harmlessly into their body, which depending on the type of element can even cause the attack to backfire on the attacker. A Logia user can be shattered, split, or otherwise separated into multiple parts, sometimes down to the size of dust, and reform without injury.

In addition to their ability to become their element, Nature users can generate near-limitless amounts of their element and control it at their whim, giving them fearsome attack abilities capable of mass destruction although there are some powers


which are exceptions, with their elements being better suited for capturing enemies rather than causing destruction. They can also use their element in other ways related to their element. Finally, a Nature user's power over the element they control seems to afford them immunity to effects related to that element.

Nature fruit users' physical strengths do not influence the power of the fruit. Regardless of the original strength of the user, the gained powers are of the same scale. This is different fromModel fruits which act as physical strength multipliers, and Superhuman fruits which can be used in conjunction with the user's physical abilities. Despite their fearsome power, they do have some weaknesses. Their ability to become their element has to be trained, and so an untrained Nature user is still susceptible to attack. Sneak attacks are more likely to work, as the user won't be ready to avoid them. However, with training, most Logias learn to become their element by reflex, eliminating the ability to strike them by conventional means.

Thier abilities also tend to make the user seemingly overconfident, as they are unaccustomed to dodging attacks. Thus, if their advantage is neutralized by some means, they have to rely on their ability to dodge, a skill which they may or may not be proficient at. This is somewhat mitigated by the fact that most Logia users shown thus far are extremely tough, even when they are vulnerable.

Another way to harm a Logia is to exploit the element itself, using its properties to solidify the user and render them vulnerable to damageIn addition to solidifying the user's body, it is possible to use elemental weaknesses to a further extreme, completely neutralizing the element that makes up the user's body. Even though a Nature user can generate limitless amounts of their element, they cannot recover from blows that destroy their main "body", no matter what state it's in. Finally, users of Focus can strike Nature users as if they were human;

They are not used to getting hit due to being so used to their virtual invincibility, and are visibly shaken when they are harmed, despite their resilience.

List of Known Nature FruitsEdit